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  • 01 Sep 14
    06:55 PM
    The company's renewed focus on innovations and new product launches along-with expectations of revival in discretionary spends as well as urban demand are key reasons for the street turning bullish on the company.
    12:48 AM
    India's persistently high inflation is a major cause for worry for the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Among the Asian peers, India's headline inflation is the highest so far.
    12:46 AM
    Over the past three months there has been considerable buzz around the defence sector in India - a result of the expectations raised by the new government, supportive statements by the defence minister and delivering on the promise to increase foreign
    12:38 AM
    In 2013, the government set up a committee headed by the former finance secretary, Vijay Kelkar, to examine gas pricing and exploration.
    12:34 AM
    A related party is a person who is related to the company.
    12:24 AM
    Public memories are short. Especially those in the financial community. Since the start of 2014, even before the election, India started to re-emerge as the darling of emerging markets.
    12:21 AM
    If you can't beat them, join them. As the euro falls, that old adage is set to become relevant to the Swiss and Swedish central banks.
    12:20 AM
    Washington has missed a trick with rating agency reform. On Wednesday, the US Securities and Exchange Commission finally approved new rules for judging the riskiness of asset-backed bonds. Some are modestly helpful.
    12:14 AM
    Most old hands in the stock market remember the BSE's ornate trading floor. Between 12 noon and 2 pm, brokers used to gather there and shout their buy/sell orders.
    12:10 AM
    According to Towers Watson's Global Talent Management and Rewards study, there is a disconnect between employers' and employees' views on what are the key attraction drivers.
  • 31 Aug 14
    09:40 PM
    The numbers for the gross domestic product (GDP) of the Indian economy during the first quarter of 2014-15 were declared last Friday.
    12:46 AM
    Shadow banking is a universal phenomenon, although it takes on different forms.
    12:41 AM
    The news last week was dominated by the launch of the government's ambitious new financial inclusion plan, the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, or PMJDY.
  • 30 Aug 14
    02:26 AM
    The stock of DLF, the real estate major, has shed 13 per cent over the past month on earnings downgrades and an interim order by the Supreme Court (SC) to deposit Rs 630 crore in an antitrust case.
    12:57 AM
    The government's financial inclusion scheme, Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, is an empty shell at the moment.
    12:50 AM
    No fewer than 218 coal mining leases have been declared illegal, some dating back to 1993. Scores of other iron ore and manganese ore mines have been shut in four states (Karnataka, Goa, Jharkhand and Odisha) - on court orders again, or on the basis of
    12:44 AM
    Had Narendra Modi, as chief minister of Gujarat, said that the Planning Commission should be abolished, everyone would have jumped hard on him. What a bounder, they would have said.
    12:43 AM
    Three years ago, India signed a comprehensive economic partnership agreement (CEPA) with Japan. However, trade data suggest benefits from CEPA might not have accrued evenly to the trading partners.
    12:42 AM
    In the days when Air India counted for something in the world of aviation, it was also highly regarded for its innovative promotional campaigns.
    12:37 AM
    The new regime for related party transactions is aimed at bringing more transparency and accountability to companies dealing with people and entities close to them.


Company Price Gain (%)
Hero Motocorp2,759.255.79
Maruti Suzuki2,915.504.71
Tata Power Co.90.053.62
Hindalco Inds.176.203.59
GAIL (India)458.703.36


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