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HDFC Floating Rate Income - Short Term (G) - Asset Allocation

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NAV as on 22 Apr 14
Fund Family :HDFC Mutual Fund
Fund Class:Floating Rate Funds - Short Term
1 Week :0.00%
1 Month:0.00%
1 Year:0.00%
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Asset Type %
Certificate of Deposits38.29
Commercial Paper16.59
Fixed Deposits14.38
NCDUnitsMkt Value% of AssetsReturns
Asset / Company Name   (Rs cr)   Last 3 Mths
H D F CNA1,250125.083.053.95
L&T Infra FinNA400100.152.440.00
L&T Housing Fin.NA400100.152.440.00
Shriram Trans.NA75074.881.8331.41
Volkswagen Fin.NA60059.861.460.00
LIC Housing Fin.NA50050.141.2235.00
L&T FinanceNA20050.081.220.00
N A B A R DNA50050.021.220.00
Chola. Invest.NA30030.060.7313.02
Shriram Trans.NA25025.050.6131.41
Family CreditNA10025.040.610.00
Family CreditNA10025.030.610.00
Sundaram FinanceNA25025.020.6124.32
LIC Housing Fin.NA25025.000.6135.00
Sundaram FinanceNA25025.000.6124.32
Shriram Trans.NA25024.990.6131.41
H D F CNA25024.980.613.95
Tata CapitalNA25024.980.610.00
Kotak Mahindra PNA25024.980.610.00
N A B A R DNA25024.980.610.00
I D F CNA25024.970.6118.78
Shriram Trans.NA16516.460.4031.41
Kotak Mahindra PNA16015.990.390.00
Tata Motors FinNA1009.960.240.00
H D F CNA1009.850.243.95
Chola. Invest.NA505.010.1213.02
Tata SonsNA1009.990.240.00
LIC Housing Fin.NA505.000.1235.00
ZCBMkt Value% of Assets
Asset / Company Name(Rs cr) 
Madura Garmets58.111.42
I D F C46.761.14
Tata Motors Fin2.950.07
Commercial PaperMkt Value% of Assets
Asset / Company Name(Rs cr) 
Ranbaxy Labs.98.282.40
Ranbaxy Labs.73.731.80
Rural Elec.Corp.71.791.75
Piramal Enterp.49.281.20
L&T Finance49.201.20
HDB Financial49.141.20
Power Fin.Corpn.48.721.19
Ranbaxy Labs.47.991.17
L&T Finance47.951.17
JM Financial Pro47.871.17
JM Financial Pro47.771.17
Indostar Capital24.480.60
Essel Mining23.450.57
Sundaram BNP0.090.00
Certificate of DepositsMkt Value% of Assets
Asset / Company Name(Rs cr) 
S I D B I196.334.79
Axis Bank295.007.20
UCO Bank168.024.10
Indian Bank98.352.40
Kotak Mah. Bank98.332.40
Bank of India98.312.40
E X I M Bank98.182.40
Union Bank (I)96.152.35
Bank of Baroda49.291.20
Canara Bank49.261.20
Allahabad Bank49.191.20
Vijaya Bank49.171.20
E X I M Bank49.161.20
I O B41.411.01
Canara Bank24.560.60
S I D B I24.530.60
Corporation Bank24.510.60
Oriental Bank9.870.24
Oriental Bank49.151.20
T BillsMkt Value% of Assets
Asset / Company Name(Rs cr) 
CBLOMkt Value% of Assets
Asset / Company Name(Rs cr) 
Fixed DepositsMkt Value% of Assets
Asset / Company Name(Rs cr) 
Allahabad Bank75.001.83
Corporation Bank49.001.20
IndusInd Bank170.004.15
J & K Bank50.001.22
Vijaya Bank45.001.10
Yes Bank200.004.88
Net CA & OthersMkt Value% of Assets
Asset / Company Name(Rs cr) 
Net CA & Others-14.72-0.37

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