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  • 31 Jul 14
    05:00 PM
    Last week, Federal Bank launched a special car loan scheme for women. Called 'She Car', the loan offers women borrowers up to 80 basis points lower than card rates.
  • 28 Jul 14
    12:45 AM
    I have dues of Rs 35 lakh including housing, car, personal and credit card loans. While I have been repaying regularly now, I am unable to save anything. I had missed paying personal and credit card loans for six months last year.
  • 21 Jul 14
    12:29 AM
    Riyad Palia, a pilot, had taken a home loan of approximately Rs 90 lakh, from Axis Bank. The rate of interest was 9-9.75 per cent at the beginning and increased to almost 12 per cent.
  • 20 Jul 14
    12:58 AM
    You have landed a well-paying job after your graduation and soon it is time to receive your first salary. Once the salary is credited into your account, you start receiving calls from the bank offering you a credit card.
  • 07 Jul 14
    12:05 AM
    I have three loans to pay off a home loan, a car loan and a credit card loan. I want to start lowering the dues.
  • 30 Jun 14
    12:17 AM
    Banks are at it again - marketing retail loans with a vengeance. If you get a call from a telemarketer offering a personal loan against your vehicle at a rate of 8.85 per cent, don't fall for it. First check what is the base rate of the bank.
  • 26 Jun 14
    04:50 AM
    If your credit card payment is delayed, you will now get more time before the bank charges a late payment fee, as the Reserve Bank of India has asked lenders to relax the norms in this regard.
  • 23 Jun 14
    12:47 AM
    "Neither a borrower nor a lender be," William Shakespeare had written in Hamlet. Trying to go by this today, however, seems an impossible task.
  • 22 Jun 14
    10:45 PM
    I have a three-year old housing loan from a private bank for an under-construction property. But I have lost all the loan account statements for the past three years.
    01:10 AM
    Last month, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) directed commercial banks to do away with foreclosure charges on all floating rate term loans sanctioned to individuals.


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